Buzzoole is an influencer and social media marketing platform that enables brands to connect with their audiences through social influencers. With Buzzoole brands identify and engage with valuable and passionate influencers, brand advocates, and their followers, within any social media channel. Through the fully automated Buzzoole platform, brands and their agencies find, connect and work with influencers in the brand’s marketing and promotional activity, creating the maximum amount of social media campaign buzz and reach for the influencers’ followers and audiences.

Influencers who are passionate and authentic about their own personal brand and social content engage with marketing campaigns through the Buzzoole platform to promote the brand’s products and services to their followers and viewers. Influencers benefit from exclusive access to the brand and all subsequent promotional activity they conduct is monitored, measured and shared back with the brand.

For brands that want to reach and engage with valuable social audiences, Buzzoole is the leading influencer marketing platform for creating maximum campaign impact. Find out more at or contact Buzzoole on


"The Drum's Social Buzz Awards are a fantastic way to showcase and recognise the amazing work that brands and agencies are doing with their social buzz and influencer campaigns. Buzzoole are delighted to support these awards and we're looking forward to seeing some great entries and enjoying the awards evening." - Victoria Luck, MD, Buzzoole

The Flash Pack

The Flash Pack are a driven team of designers, marketers and innovators. Our business philosophy is rooted in creating innovative visual experiences and compelling content.  We combine highly skilled creative and photographic practices with events. This allows for the best studio production and innovative techniques to be taken to a live environment.

The Flash Pack strive to create the most visually stunning, unique and shareable content for our clients and their audiences, with in-house developed tech and social sharing apps.
Our ability to always develop new techniques and technology enables us to work directly with brands (and their respective agencies) to deliver premium creative concepts at an affordable price point.


"The Flash Pack is driven on social media; from live photo experiences that produce never seen before content, to in house developed social software delving deep into behaviours and analytics. As such, we are delighted to be a sponsor of The Drum Social Buzz Awards. The awards celebrate and recognise the best in our industry, as well as encourage brands and agencies to use social media in more creative ways, making this partnership a perfect fit for The Flash Pack."